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Simple ecommerce website builder features

Store design

Beautiful templates

Whether you want to sell books, accessories, clothes, jewelries, tickets or anything else online, with SellBeing’s theme gallery you will always find a beautiful, ready-to- go template that will suit all your needs.

Create your own store look

SellBeing provides the best DIY ecommerce store builder features. With our unique design tools, you will be surprised at how easy it is to create your own great store. Simply click on any area of your website and start changing colors, fonts, and images.

Translate your store into a different language

Localize your store by translating it into a different language. SellBeing offers a special DIY tool that makes store translation painless.

Speak your customers’ language

Easily remove default phrases and write your own. The right words can help your site stand out, promote your products, and close more sales online.

Need a custom design? Hire our expert team

Our network of professional web- designers can create a unique design for your store. Simply email us your ideas and one of experts’ representative will get back to you with the quote.

Run your store

Add products hassle – free

Write descriptions, insert videos, upload beautiful images, add multiple options for each product, and easily display your products on the homepage.

Choose multiple product variants

Specify colors, sizes, lengths of your products and more! Track your inventory down to the specific variants of each product

Upload option images

Upload an image for each option, making it more informative for your buyers!

Accept orders right away

After sign up your store is ready to accept orders. Once a new order is placed you will be notified by email.

Create static content pages

Create static content pages to explain your terms of service, privacy policy etc. and easily link them to your store.

Shipping rules and tax rates

SellBeing is a professional website builder for ecommerce that allows to set shipping rates based on price or weight, add sales tax based on shipping location (or simply include tax in your prices).

Automatic emails to notify your customers

Once the order is successfully completed and/or shipped system will automatically send notifying emails to your customers.

Scale your business

The possibilities of selling online with SellBeing are endless. Choose the currency, translate your store – and expand your market to all corners of the globe!

Mobile-friendly ecommerce websites

Mobile-friendly, retina optimized templates

All SellBeing templates are mobile-friendly and retina optimized. This means your buyers can browse your catalogue and continue shopping wherever and wherever they want.

Checkout that works on any device

SellBeing’s checkout page automatically resizes to fit any screen. Your shoppers can submit their payments using any mobile device.

Powerful analytics

Powerful built-in dashboard

Keep track of your sales, conversions, top sellers, traffic and orders in one place. No need to jump from one program into another.

Insert Google Analytics code

SellBeing is ecommerce web builder that is fully integrated with Google Analytics. Simply insert your Google Analytics tracking code in your store settings and you’re ready to go.


SEO optimized

Set your own meta tags, page titles, and description for maximum visibility in search engines.

Compatible with the latest SEO standards

All SellBeing stores are compatible with the latest 2015 SEO standards, including schema. Org and Open Graph.

Secure and reliable ecommerce web hosting

Painless set up

Immediately after sign up your site will be up and running and ready to accept the first orders.

Use your own domain name

Easily connect your existing domain name to your store or use your free .mysellbeing.com domain.

99.99% uptime

We work hard to ensure your online business is always online.

Unlimited bandwidth

We want you to be successful. That’s why we won’t charge you for the traffic on your website.

Fast cloud servers

Anywhere in the world, your customers will always have quick access to your website.

Instant upgrades

Whenever we add new features or improvements, we’ll automatically update your store. So you will always be fully up to date.



Check our collection of written articles on how to set up and run your SellBeing store.

Online support

Our support team is here for you and will be pleased to help you out, whatever the issue is.

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