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Create an online store and run it in a breeze

Create products

With SellBeing, creating and growing your store is a breeze. Write custom descriptions, upload beautiful images, add multiple options for each product, and easily display your products on your SellBeing home page.
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Organize products

Make it easy for customers to browse your SellBeing store by sorting your products into categories. Make key products more eye-catching by assigning them to more than one category.
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Add options

Every product can include multiple options such as size, color, length, and more, with optional images for each one. Adding options is quick and easy with SellBeing’s simple interface.
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Process orders

See full details of all your SellBeing orders, including pending and completed orders, customer shipping details, and payment info. Update order statuses with just a few clicks.

Track inventory

SellBeing tracks the stock level of every product in your store. If you run out, sales are automatically paused until you replenish your stock.

Create discount codes

Boost your sales and promote your products by offering discount codes to your customers. Choose whether you want your discounts codes to offer free shipping, to be percentage – or flat based.

Create static content pages

Create static content pages to explain your terms of service, privacy policy etc. and easily link them to your store.

Shipping rules and tax rates

In SellBeing’s DIY online stores you can easily set shipping rates based on price or weight, add sales tax based on shipping location (or simply include tax in your prices).
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Automatic emails to notify your customers

Once the order was successfully completed and/or shipped system will automatically send notifying emails to your customers. If you deliver your products, using DHL, FedEx, UPS, USPS you can also specify a unique tracking number of your order. In this case, your customers can always keep track on the status of their delivery.

Choose your currency

With SellBeing, you can create an online store that accepts orders in any currency you wish. Simply in store settings choose the currency you need and your shop is ready to accept orders.
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Select your Time zone

Make an online store and travel anywhere you want. Simply choose the time zone you are in and all your store’s data will be displayed in the proper time.

Customer accounts

Your customers can create their private accounts to store their purchase history and personal information. Next time your customers checkout on your website they will not need to re-enter their information. Your customers can also checkout as guests.
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Create your own online store in a weekend.
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